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05 May 2011 @ 11:08 am
I think that, when I started this community just after the show's finale last year, there was one thing I needed - more James and Juliet. We knew they'd fallen in love, we knew they were literal soul mates, but we knew absolutely nothing in between. And so I wanted to tell a story with them, figure out how they got to where we saw them in 'LaFleur'. I wanted to know every single day and every single detail, and if Team Darlton wasn't going to give it to me, then I'd write it myself.

Every day? That was ambitious. I did get through over 160 though.

I've written a lot of different things with James and Jules. I've had a lot of ideas. But there's only so much in a day or the span of a week or months that isn't just, well...boring. Think about your own lives. How often is there something really exciting to write about? And even though they live on an island, I don't get the impression that there were crazy, wacky, hostile attacks once a week. There are times, too, when I wish I'd written something differently, or taken another approach with something.

Will I still get random ideas? Probably. Which is why you can read all of my fic on my journal. It's public, always. I've written James and Juliet are left behind on the island and she's pregnant, I've written James coping without Juliet, I've done James and Juliet pretending to be married, and PLENTY of smut.

This community won't go away. It'll always be here. I've seen it recommended so many places and honestly, you have no idea how much that warms my heart. I'm not a great writer, there's nothing outstanding that makes me any better than anyone else when it comes to writing Suliet. I just felt like (and still feel like) they deserved more than what they got. But I'm out of ideas that move me to write exclusively for Dharma Days. It was a great time, and I'm so glad that a few of you enjoyed it enough to comment.

Please feel free to check out my journal and search the fic tags, or friend me if you want to know when I've posted new fic.

Until next time,

17 March 2011 @ 10:24 am
When she’s not home by six, James saunters down to the motor pool and watches her clean her tools methodically. “You’re the cleanest damn mechanic I know, Blondie.”

Juliet smiles without looking up, but he can see her dimples even in the fading light and he steps closer as she speaks. “Someone has to show these guys how it’s done. Place is a total pigsty.”

“Place is a motor pool,” he smirks, though he does note that everyone’s stations seem to be a little neater.

“You come down here for a reason?” she asks him, looking up from her tools with one hand braced on the counter and one on her hip with a smirk on her face like she’s got him pegged.

“I gotta have a reason to come see you now?” He steps closer, into her space so that he has to look down to see her eyes.

“Come on, LaFleur. We all know you’re just checking up on me,” she says, voice low and amused.

“Actually, I came to see if you posted for that head mechanic position yet.” His hands are on her hips and she brings her arms around his middle.

“Hmm, well, you’ll be pleased to know I did submit my very short resume. Which includes ‘treasure hunting with Captain LaFleur’.”

James barks out a laugh. “You didn’t.”

“I needed some padding, it was looking kind of light. Besides, ‘Mystery Island Time Traveler’ sounds like a Nancy Drew book.”

He bends down a little to press his lips against the curve of her jaw. “Think you can pack it in? It’s almost seven, I’m hungry, woman.”

Juliet laughs this time, smacking his chest half-heartedly. “Ever hear of bread and packaged meat?” She pulls off her gloves though, turns out the light above her station and reaches for his hand. “Let’s go home.”
08 February 2011 @ 12:54 pm
Juliet is always grateful for the days that don’t involve having to get up and go to work. When she can stay in bed all day and doze at her leisure. The days when James can stay home to enjoy that with her, well, that’s a bonus. All that they’ve done today is stay in bed, talking quietly, having lazy sex in between dozing, and snacking in between. When dinner time rolls around he reluctantly puts on boxers, she puts on his shirt, and they make their way to the kitchen to make an easy meal of breakfast for dinner.

They shower, which consists of mostly touching until the water turns cold, and then it’s back to bed, but not before she grabs a bottle of wine. They pass it between them freely and soon everything he says makes her giggle, and her head is down, resting low on his stomach as she lies sideways. One of his hands is lazily stroking through her hair, and he starts humming something, which makes her giggle a little more until she realizes what he’s humming, and she sings a few bars with him once she knows where to jump in.

Well I'm standing on a corner
in Winslow, Arizona
And such a fine sight to see.
It's a girl my Lord, in a flatbed Ford
slowin' down to take a look at me.

He looks up, clearly impressed as she takes another drink of the wine and passes him the bottle. “You know, it’s not too late to write ‘Hotel California’ and sell it to The Eagles,” Juliet smirks, and he laughs, dragging a hand down his face.

Putting the wine bottle on the night stand, he reaches down and pulls her over him. “I’ll take you to an Eagles concert when we get outta here.”

“Oh, I’m more of a Rolling Stones kind of girl,” she hums before bending to kiss the debate right out of him.

(For your listening pleasure.)
03 February 2011 @ 11:22 am
Before Juliet can even toe off her work boots, James is closing the door behind her and pressing her against it, kissing her hard and deep until she’s breathless. She’d had a terrible day, she’d planned on grabbing the rum and heading into the backyard, but James has other plans and she’s okay with that. His hands push at the zipper of her jumpsuit, she starts toeing off her boots, and her fingers work on getting the zipper of his jeans down. They only take off what they have to, and she wraps her legs around his waist so that he can thrust into her.

She buries her face in his neck, crying out his name every time he moves. He grunts when her nails dig into his shoulders even through his shirt, and his mouth attaches itself to her shoulder, biting gently. He soothes the mark with his tongue and finds her mouth even as she starts to fall apart around him. Her jaw drops and he breathes her in until he’s coming with her, holding her body against his. For a little while they stay just like that, her against the wall and his body, his hands on her hips. Finally, when she can speak, she blinks slowly.

“What…what was that for?”

He kisses her collar bone, then takes a step back before shrugging a little. “Just sayin’ hi. Missed you.”

“Did you know I had a terrible day?” she asks with a quiet murmur, lips against the stubble of his jaw.

“Don’t matter. You’re home now.” He walks with her to the shower, and she closes the door behind her on the damn day.
22 January 2011 @ 09:30 am
If you're missing LOST and you're missing these ficlets, why not give lost_land a try?


We're very friendly to land community new comers - I run it! There's a range of challenges from making icons, writing fic, playing LOST bingo, to plain and simple luck. And it's never the quality of what you make, it's the participation to earn points for your team. You can join either Team Survivors, Team Others, or Team Dharma. So click this link and come apply. Phase three just started yesterday!
20 January 2011 @ 10:27 pm
I apologize for the lack of updates (I know, I'm a little late with the apology). It's actually not writer's block this time, it's work block. My work is slowly sucking me of my will to live - those of you on my flist know what's up. I'm so busy and stressed that even though I have a ton of ideas, I'm home for about three hours after work before I sleep and get up to go do it all over again.

I just really hope that those of you who are still here will continue to be here when I can sit down to do something other than draft e-mails and work from home even though I'm off the clock.

The project is still here, just taking a break. Think of it as an extended form of the show's torturous breaks :)
21 December 2010 @ 07:55 am
It’s been a long shift, but the perk to going into work at seven in the morning is that by the time he gets off, there’s still time to spend with Juliet before they go to bed. When he walks through the door though, he finds her asleep on the couch with a book open across her stomach. Closing the door quietly, he takes off his boots before walking over and sitting on the ottoman to watch her. Reaching for the book, he slides it out from under her hands and glances at the title. ‘War and Peace’, go figure she’s asleep. She shifts, murmuring softly, one arm falling off the couch. Carefully, James repositions her so that she’s comfortable, then simply watches her.

He realizes that staring at someone while they sleep could be considered mildly off putting, so he stands to go, reaching over her body for the blanket to cover her up.

“Where’re you goin’?” she asks groggily, shifting on the couch and opening her eyes.

He doesn’t stop covering her up, though. “Gonna make dinner. Go back to sleep,” he says quietly before bending down to kiss the top of her head. His fingers push her hair back behind her ear before straightening back up and disappearing into the kitchen.

She smiles lazily and lets herself drift off again to the sounds he’s making in the kitchen. He gets out something from the freezer, then something from the pantry and she hears him pause. The silence goes on too long, and she calls out sleepily. “Left hand drawer by the fridge.”

When he opens the drawer, there’s the can opener, and he looks back over at the couch. She’s still curled up, eyes closed. “How’d you know?”

Juliet simply smirks. “I always know.” She’s lulled to sleep again by the sounds of his cooking, comforted by the fact that he’s home.
13 December 2010 @ 08:22 am
Day One Hundred Sixty Two
She loves his stubble, and as she wakes up, she nuzzles against it, dragging the tip of her nose across his jaw.

Day One Hundred Sixty Three
When he comes home from work in the early evening she’s asleep on the couch, a closed book resting on her stomach.

Day One Hundred Sixty Four
She finds his glasses in the most random places when he complains that he can’t find them. This morning, they’re on top of a cereal box in the kitchen.

Day One Hundred Sixty Five
One of the teachers comes over to the table where James and Juliet are sharing lunch and asks Juliet to bake something for the school bake sale. James snorts in amusement.

Day One Hundred Sixty Six
He grabs her up almost as soon as she walks in the door from work, and he’s pressing her against the wall in a way that makes her breathless.

Day One Hundred Sixty Seven
They’ve shared a bottle of wine, and now they’re simply tangled up in bed together, lazily touching, humming softly, and drifting in and out.

Day One Hundred Sixty Eight
When she’s not home by six, James saunters down to the motor pool and watches her clean her tools methodically. “You’re the cleanest damn mechanic I know, Blondie.”
04 December 2010 @ 11:10 am
They don't get to do anything like traditional dating often. Take a van to one of the valleys and look at the stars, but otherwise there's too many people hanging around or he's being called out at weird hours to help with something. Tonight though, James is pretty sure he's got it figured out. Strolling to the motor pool at 5:30, he sees Juliet saying goodbye to Javier and catches her eye. She smiles at him from a distance, but he can still see that one dimple working. When he finally reaches her, he nods toward a van. "Can I check one out for the night?"

She raises an eyebrow. "Are you working?" She grabs a clipboard with the release forms on it and starts filling it out.

"Maybe," he grins, but at her narrowed eyes he shakes his head. "Nah. Just got somewhere I wanna go is all."

Juliet eyes him warily, then hands him the form to sign. "I've got my eye on you, LaFleur."

"Good. Ride with me back to the house."

Javier is looking at Juliet and whistles under his breath. "Gonna be a long night for you, chica."

She blushes, but she gets in the van with James as he starts it up, and they drive the short distance to their house. But when she goes to get out, he stops her.

"Actually, I just gotta get some stuff. You stay here." When she narrows her eyes again, he leans over to kiss her. "I'll be right back."

While he's in the house, she can't help but grin and wonder what exactly he has planned. They've fallen into a sort of routine now that he's working overnights again, but she feels like she doesn't seen him often. Or, as often as she wants to which happens from time to time. Still, he never fails to surprise her when she least expects it.

When he comes out of the house, he's carrying a basket - the same basket he gave her grief about ordering a while back - and he tosses it in the back of the van before coming back around to the front.

"I thought you said a picnic basket was...how did you put it? 'From the fifties, not the seventies, so get with the times'."

James holds up his hands apologetically. "I stand corrected, Blondie. You wanna go out?"

"Say please." She's kidding, mostly, and isn't expecting anything, but suddenly he's turning in the seat.

"Juliet Burke. Will you date me?"

He's looking at her so earnestly, that when he finally smiles, she explodes into laughter. "Okay, yes, I'll go out on a date with you."

He kisses her chastely before driving out, far into the North Valley, almost the edge, sticking to the trees. She knows where they're going, a little area surrounded by rocks on both sides, and she hums happily when she's proven right. Once the van stops, she gets out and looks out at the water from the beach while he sets up. The blanket is spread and he brings out some hastily made sandwiches and a bottle of wine - no glasses, she notes.

Sitting down, she toes off her shoes and looks over at him. "I like it when we keep it classy," she grins before leaning over to kiss him softly. "This is nice. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Figured we could both stand to get outta the house." He kisses her again, hand moving up the side of her face and anchoring there to hold her close. He pulls back for a second, grinning a little. "Wanna go for a swim?"

Her stomach growls; loud enough for them both to hear, answering his question for her. "You go. I'll catch up," she smiles, pulling back so that he can stand up.

Tugging off his jumpsuit, then the clothes underneath, he tosses a glance over his shoulder and smirks at the fact that he knew for sure she'd be watching him. He watches her eyes move up and down his body before heading down to the water and diving in once he's deep enough. He gets his hair wet, swimming underwater for a minute before coming back up with a wide smile. "Water's perfect," he calls out to her.

Juliet has her sandwich in her hand, but she's more interested in watching him than she really is in eating. Still, she watches and eats, then pulls the cork out of the bottle of wine they'd started on two nights ago. Taking a sip, she sighs contently, then watches him as he comes back toward the beach. His body is revealed deliciously slow, and her eyes travel down his front, though he stops when the water is at his naval. Dammit.

"You comin' or what, Blondie?"

With a little laugh, Juliet stands up and unzips her jumpsuit, then takes off her clothes until she's just as naked as he is before making her way into the water. When she's standing right in front of him, she looks up and tilts her head to the side with a small smile. "Hi."

"Hey yourself," he replies, bending down to catch her lips with his.

She sighs softly and pushes back after their kiss, letting herself move onto her back so that she can float. The sun's setting, casting the water in a red and gold hue, and she closes her eyes. Her hair fans out, and her fingers dip in and out of the water.

He watches her, takes in what's laid out before him and quietly moves to her side. His fingers trail across her stomach and he sees her muscles jerk involuntarily. It makes him smile, and he bends down to kiss her, only content with that momentarily. Pulling her up, his arms wrap around her for support, even as her legs come around his waist. He kisses her again, their bodies pressing together in a show of need and want.

ContinuedCollapse )
27 November 2010 @ 02:41 pm
Juliet holds up the thin, pink lingerie with the yellow trim and immediately wonders what the hell she was thinking when she placed her order. In all honesty, she’d forgotten about it, but now that the garment is here, she can’t imagine herself actually wearing it. She doesn’t even know what the point of lingerie is when it winds up on the floor anyway. Still, as she changes for bed in the bathroom, she slips it on, because she paid for it, she has to wear it at least once.

Walking out of the bathroom, she goes back to the bedroom where James is reading, but doesn’t make a show out of necessarily trying to model for him. She figures if he likes it he’ll say so. When he finally does look up from his book, he lets out a low whistle.

“Damn, Blondie,” he says, book forgotten as he puts it back on the nightstand. James looks her up and down, lingering on her legs. “Damn.”

“I take it you like it,” she smirks as she moves to the side of the bed. His fingers reach out to trail across her thigh gently.

“Yeah. I like it. This is the one I said I liked in that catalog, ain’t it?”

She nods and moves onto the bed, climbing over him to her side. “I figured…what the hell. Why not buy it?”

Reaching over, he kisses her softly, his fingers tangling in her hair for a second before pulling back a little to look at her. “Think I also remember sayin’ you didn’t have to wear anythin’ like this just for me.”

“Admit it though, you love it.”

He smirks. “I never said you didn’t look good. But it ain’t this that does it for me. It’s you in it.”

Juliet knows that he doesn’t consider himself profound with words, and that he probably has no idea how good it feels to know he feels that way. Especially after Edmund flaunted the prettier, curvier girls right in front of her. Going still, she watches as James leans over, and slowly, the straps of the lingerie come down her shoulders. “I love you,” she says quietly, her eyes on his when he looks up at her.

Smiling so that his dimples show, he pulls her over him, hands sliding up her thighs as he looks right back at her. “Love you, too.”